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Take A Minute

I saw a sign today that said ~ “Time is more Precious than Things” and it got me to thinking.

The holidays are fast approaching. Most of us will be gearing up for fun times with family & friends. Going shopping, eating crazy amounts of food , partying and just enjoying life not worrying about a thing, after all it’s the holidays right?

But what about those folks that don’t have any family, food, or shelter? What will become of them? These folks could be your friend or neighbor. This time of the year is also when a lot of folks feel very alone and feel they have nothing or no one to live for. Depression & suicidal tendencies are high around this time of year.

Let’s make some TIME to keep an eye open on these folks, you may even be one of them. Take the TIME to reach out to someone who needs it, and if someone reaches out to you reach back and meet them halfway. You may be thinking, you don’t have enough or TIME to go around, but to someone who has no one or nothing you are rich. Don’t be afraid to share your TIME or THINGS, even if it’s just a smile, a hug, or a sandwich. You could be saving a LIFE and there is nothing more PRECIOUS!


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