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Single Life ~ Prepared

Every so often I think about being single and not living close to immediate family. I’m not thinking about being alone, because I don’t feel that way. I’m referring to the challenges that it brings if something were to happen to me. My dog cannot call anyone or open the door to let anyone in. […]


I think, I think too much; and definitely before I go to bed. It’s not that I want to, I just sometimes can’t help it. It’s as if all the random stuff I see or hear throughout the day decides to playback in my brain but in a different way from how I experienced it. […]

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Watch the George Zimmerman Boxing Match

Originally posted on Olivia A. Cole:
I write this on February 5th, Trayvon Martin’s birthday, and despite all the things I would like to say to that young man, I’m going to say this one thing to you: don’t you dare watch the George Zimmerman “celebrity” boxing match. The word “celebrity” comes from the word…

Edits & Writing

I had to give up trying to write everything perfectly the first go round. I’m finding I’m making so many changes and corrections as I finish up the first round of edits. I can now move on to the task of filling in the blank spaces that I couldn’t quite piece together. This writing thing […]