Edits & Writing


I had to give up trying to write everything perfectly the first go round. I’m finding I’m making so many changes and corrections as I finish up the first round of edits. I can now move on to the task of filling in the blank spaces that I couldn’t quite piece together. This writing thing isn’t as easy as some might think, or should I say making what you write make sense isn’t as easy.


3 comments on “Edits & Writing

  1. Don’t even worry about making any corrections at all. Just get it all out. I think a lot of the magic happens when we just write what is on our heart. Then after you’ve finished the first draft come back and clean it up. With that being said, make sure you edit on a hard copy, so you can write in the margins. That way you have what you originally wrote… Especially since in editing sometimes you change your mind.

  2. Like print it out, triple space so you can write in between the lines. It also allows for deepening the story.

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