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Single Life ~ Prepared

Every so often I think about being single and not living close to immediate family. I’m not thinking about being alone, because I don’t feel that way. I’m referring to the challenges that it brings if something were to happen to me. My dog cannot call anyone or open the door to let anyone in. Nope, as great as a dog she is, she can do none of those actions for me.

Speaking with my mom a week or so ago, it seems we both had the same thoughts and questions. She wouldn’t even know who to call and even if she did, she doesn’t have anyone’s phone number. I’m sure my siblings could find someone on my social site to contact but why should they have to go through the headache?

Although I have Life Insurance to take cover all of my expenses/debt, and a WILL in place, that’s only half the problem solved. How would my family or anyone get in to my house? Would they have to search for my important papers? Then comes the matter of paying off my debts (car, home, etc) not to mention the issues they would have with getting access to my bank accounts and figuring out which companies my everyday utilities are maintained with.

When I really stop to think about it, that’s a lot of things for a grieving family to have to deal with, especially if they have to come from another State. The passing would be hard enough. I’m taking the time now to annotate all these small but important factors of my everyday life and storing them in a safe place.

I’m not planning on leaving this earth anytime soon but most people that have didn’t either. We all know our birth date but none of us know our death date. So just in case, I’m making things a whole lot easier for those that will be left behind. There will be keys made, contact names and numbers exchanged, a list of accounts to every place I do any type of business with and who needs to be paid and how much.

The more I age, the more responsible and prepared I try to be.


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