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Aug 30th ~ Productivity

Finally got around to mowing the lawn this morning. Also put down some stuff to kill all the ant mounds that popped up in the backyard. Picked a few sweet bell peppers, had to toss a couple of them. Felt like I just jumped out of the pool when I got done; my clothes were […]

Aug 29th – Just another day

Why am I so tired? Why do my legs and feet keep cramping up on me? I managed to stop the cramps last night when I first felt them coming on, but I’m sure they are lurking around the corner just waiting to catch me off guard. So I slept until 10 am, that is […]

I’m Happy

11pm: So I just checked the school website for my test scores … insert drumroll I got a 95 (A). Woo hoo I’m so happy I don’t know what to do; especially since I bombed that first one. Now that I know I can actually remember how to do this stuff with the right amount […]

Aug 28th ~ Starting A New Day

Climbed out of bed a couple of mins after 8, my mind stayed active all night but I did manage to get some sleep. I really have to stop cooking while I’m on the computer; managed to let all the water boil out of my pot and almost burned up the eggs *sigh* I know […]

Aug 27th

Slept pretty good last night, needed it to get myself back on track. Got up this am and went and got some tutoring, or at least that’s what I went out there for. There was only 1 tutor there and folks were keeping her pretty busy, another showed up just as I was leaving oh […]

Aug 26th ~ School Day

Got off to a slow start this morning, doing my hair I didn’t get in to bed until the wee hours of the morning. I’m seriously thinking about cutting some of it off. My math teacher had my brain scrambled for a minute, probably because I didn’t get enough sleep, but thanks to the young […]

Aug 25th Rise & Shine

9:40 it’s a beautiful day out today, Just came back from taking the dog for her walk. I’ve got things to do. First things first, heading out to get my workout in. 11:30 Leg workout in the books. So glad I decided not to do the long workout because my foot cramped up while I […]