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Aug 13th

It’s midnight again, just spent the last couple of hours getting this tablet uploaded with all the apps I think I’ll need. So far I’m really liking it; just need to get the keyboard cover charged & see how it works. The only problem I see is this doesn’t have a regular USB Port so I need to get an adaptor.

1:26am Bedtime, got a nice ice cold glass of water. Figured out the tablet except how to get the external keyboard to work. Time to get some rest, going to hit Planet Fitness in the morning, I’ve already missed 2 days. I really need to sit down and workout my daily schedule. How many times have I said that to myself?

9am Time to get up and get in gear. Hitting the weights today. Noticed my legs are starting to shape up and get some definition to them. Shower time.

1pm The pain, the pain, why oh why did I work my back? My back muscles were already bothering me this morning when I got up and against my better judgement I worked my back anyway. I didn’t do heavy lifting and cut my workout short. Very bad idea, I’m in so much pain it’s hard to breathe. Running a hot bath with some epson salt, going to take something for pain and soak. Hopefully it’ll do the trick because I have homework and class tomorrow, can’t afford to miss a day.

2:18 What the hell! I need to get it together today. Took a hot bath and then applied some Thera-gesic to my back. It wouldn’t be so bad if my pores weren’t wide open, now my back is on fire!! Laying my behind down for awhile.


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