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Aug 16th Randomness

Saturday morning 2:45am and I’m still up; I’m in the bed but now I decide I need to write a few things down instead of going to sleep. My plan is to get up and go workout since I didn’t yesterday. *SN* My back is pretty much back to normal, thank goodness! Yes, workout then come back home and finish cleaning up the house. I actually got a whole lot done yesterday, dusting and cleaning glass, mopping and vaccuming floors. Tossing out magazines that I know I’m not going to read. Also ran across some notes I had written down for my book that I’m working on. I didn’t bother to read through them just staked them on top of my latest draft. I’ll get to them maybe sometime later today or maybe Sunday.

I finally made it out of bed around 10, went to workout around 11, and got back home around 1pm. Watered what’s left of my garden, checked in on the fitness group on FB, and showered. Time to replenish the body, guess I’ll cook-up something quick and then get down to making some updates to this novel. I probably should be studying but the day is still young and my test isn’t until Tuesday.


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