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Aug 20th

6:30am the dog is begging to go outside (some days I really wish I had a doggie dog) The alarm went off at 8am, decided I was too tired went back to sleep. 9:30 got up, did the usual things and then put on my workout clothes and went to workout. Missed Monday & Tuesday, didn’t want to miss 3 days in a row. Got in a nice chest and biceps workout. Probably going to be feeling it tomorrow or later on tonight. Oh well what’s that saying, No Pain, No Gain.

It’s 2:50 and I need to get on this algebra homework and then work on this powerpoint presentation; but what I really want to do is take a nap (something I rarely actually do). Think I’ll go make myself a salad, pop a bag of this skinny girl popcorn I bought yesterday and then either hit the books or take a nap.

So, earlier I fixed a salad and turned to the Power Puff Girls (needed a mindless distraction) fell asleep to the pouring rain. Despite feeling a little yucky, I got up and did my homework, took the dog for a walk. Cleaned up the kitchen, cooked a steak for dinner, played around on FB, and washed a couple of loads of clothes.

I’d say today was a pretty productive day. Sipping on a cup of hot tea before I lay it down for the night.


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