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Aug 21st

I lost my original post from this morning 😦 I woke up this morning a little sore from my chest and bicep workouts. The soreness wasn’t has bad as I thought I was going to be, gratefull for that.

Well class was pretty good today, learned what I did wrong on my test. I got a little confused on the (-) and (+) signs, and when to use or change them. I was on point with today’s lesson on Consecutive Integers & Literal Equations; now when he got to Set Building Notations I was like whoa! Saturday I will definitely be going to get some tutoring on that stuff! I’ll be doing some practice exercises from the book as well. I’ve got to get ahead of this stuff, we have our 2nd test next Thursday and I’ve definitely got to do better.

At 5:15 I decided to go ahead and sit down and knock out this homework and not wait until the weekend. 6:30ish I was done, we didn’t have has much as we did on Tuesday. May as well re-write some of these notes while I’m in the mood. 

Looks like rain so I better go ahead and walk the dog while I can. 



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