Aug 25th Rise & Shine

9:40 it’s a beautiful day out today, Just came back from taking the dog for her walk. I’ve got things to do. First things first, heading out to get my workout in.

11:30 Leg workout in the books. So glad I decided not to do the long workout because my foot cramped up while I was sitting in traffic. Can you say painful, I had to take my shoe off and try and work it out. I can already tell it’s not going away anytime soon so cutting the grass is out for right now. Oh well, going to grab something to replenish my body besides this Protein Shake, and then was the car, my buddy is looking a little dirty.

Whoops almost forgot I need to go and register for next semester, it’s early registration week. Got to make sure I get the classes I want, I’ll just go in early tomorrow before class and see if I can get it done.

4:55pm Buddy (my car) is all cleaned up. I decided to it Buddy because everyone needs a buddy they can count on. Was waiting on my project partner to send me his portion for the slide project. Checked my e-mail and there it was, Yay! Added his notes to the slides, made it look all nice and professional, just need to summarize it up for the closing and it’s a done deal.

The only thing left on my to-do-list for today is for me to wash and retwist my #locs That’s going to take a few hours so let me end this and get to it. I’d say today has been a very productive day!



3 comments on “Aug 25th Rise & Shine

  1. Indeed, I’d say that was a very good day! I’ve never written a post of my daily activities, hourly. Kinda makes me think of “The Banal and Profane” column on the Lambda site, the one in which writers write about their daily affairs for one week.

    Have you ever done that?

    • No, I’ve never done that. When I used to keep a journal that’s how I would always write them.

      • Oooh! So you kept journals, too? I yet have boxes of mine. Sometimes I mine them for story ideas. But I will set my pen to a full day by the hour or so one fine day.

        I know your slow-crab fest will be delicious! I’d NEVER heard of them until a few years ago. To date, I’ve been to two.

        Buenas noches!

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