Aug 26th ~ School Day

Got off to a slow start this morning, doing my hair I didn’t get in to bed until the wee hours of the morning. I’m seriously thinking about cutting some of it off. My math teacher had my brain scrambled for a minute, probably because I didn’t get enough sleep, but thanks to the young guy next to me I got it. Got a test on Thurs, so I cannot afford to not grasp these concepts, just need to remember the rules. I will be going in tomorrow for some last minute tutoring to make sure I’m on track.

The presentation went well, it was really nothing to it, basically just a few bullet sentences and then expanding on them.

Did my early registration for next semester, added another class to my load. Will have the same math teacher for the College Prep II Algebra class so I’m happy about that. Taking Per 102 (Critical Thinking & Character Development), and PSY 200 (Intro to Psychology) that should be interesting. Got the financial paperwork taken care of as well so I’m good to go for the next semester, just need to make sure I get through Prep I Algebra.

While I was doing my financial paperwork, the lady told me I had gotten picked for the VA Work Study program and should probably be hearing from them any day now to start. What was I thinking signing up for that! It sounded like a good idea at the time, but I get the feeling I’ll be doing more work than studying, especially if I have to work at the base education office. Oh well, it’s just part-time when I’m not in class a few days a week; it’s gas money if nothing else.

Feeling a little sluggish this evening so I’m probably not going to do too much, maybe re-write my math notes so I don’t have to do it before I start studying. Already walked the dog so I can just get comfy and relax the rest of the night. 


4 comments on “Aug 26th ~ School Day

  1. You inspire me. Don’t we all fantasize about cutting our hair when it’s working our nerves. I have this discussion with myself regularly.

  2. I mean you inspire me by going to school. Thank you for talking about the reality of it. Thank you for fighting through it.

    • You are welcome, I’m hoping that writing about the experience and putting it in the universe will help to keep me motivated and push through when it really gets tough.

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