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Aug 28th ~ Starting A New Day

Climbed out of bed a couple of mins after 8, my mind stayed active all night but I did manage to get some sleep. I really have to stop cooking while I’m on the computer; managed to let all the water boil out of my pot and almost burned up the eggs *sigh* I know cannot cook and be on the computer at the same time, the computer always manages to suck me in for longer than I planned.

9:30am: Had a hard time trying to decided what to wear; with all the shirts I have hanging up one would think it wouldn’t be a problem. Finally I decide then I cannot find the right socks to go with my shoes. 30 minutes later I’m satisfied and half dressed.

10:00 am my next door neighbor calls me, I’m pretty sure she has some work for me to do. Of course she wants her hedges trimmed up, not that she doesn’t have a lawn guy but she doesn’t like the way he does things. I told her I’d get to it later today after I came back from class. I need to cut my grass anyway so I may as well kill 2 birds with one stone.Think I’ll take the dog for a quick walk this morning since today is going to be a busy day.


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