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Aug 29th – Just another day

Why am I so tired? Why do my legs and feet keep cramping up on me? I managed to stop the cramps last night when I first felt them coming on, but I’m sure they are lurking around the corner just waiting to catch me off guard.

So I slept until 10 am, that is after I got up at 6:30 to let the dog out. I’m noticing that it’s not as bright anymore at that time of the morning. Summer is almost gone. Just finished breakfast; turkey bacon, 3 egg whites with a sprinkle of cheese and a glass of Berry Boost to wash it down with. Remembered to take my Calcium pills, been forgetting about those lately.

So I started on my neighbor’s hedges yesterday evening but it got dark on me real quick. Guess I should get a move on over there and finish them up before it gets too hot outside; I still need to cut my grass. What I really want to do is sit on the couch and do nothing; well that’s not going to happen at least not today.

12:45 am

I finished up he neighbors hedges but didn’t get to mow the yerd; it got too darn hot out there. Instead I went shopping and had every intention of coming home to cut the grass;  but a couple of friends called me to go eat, so I never made it back home in time. So I’ll definitely be up cutting grass in the a.m.

It’s Pride weekend and I did want to go up to Atlanta and meet with some folks but that didn’t happen either. Oh well I’m going to party tonight and then maybe do something on Sunday. Still have homework to do before next week, so I cannot let the time get away from me.

Talked to my mom for a couple of hours, it’s always some funny conversations between us. Got to find some time to home and visit, although I’m pretty sure she will have me helping her do something good around the house.

Enough for tonight, going to lay it down and make sure that I get enough rest so I can get up before the sun gets too hot. I need to pick some peppers from my garden as well.



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