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Sep 30th

I’ve been playing catch-up on some other social media sites and other things now that classes are over for awhile. Saturday I had some friends over and we did a Low Country Boil. Talk about some good eating, yummy, already thinking about doing another one. Did an ab workout this morning before I left for […]

Sep 25th ~ Making the Grade

Finals are over, scored a 98% on my final algebra test, passed this semester with 2 A’s Time to relax a bit, catch up on some fitness and some writing

Sep 24th

Just an ordinary day ~ Got my teeth cleaned, worked, came home and cooked dinner. My right hip is bothering me, must have been that hard uncomfortable chair I was sitting in at work. Took something to relieve the inflamation and iced it down, think I’ll take another pill and soak in some hot water. […]

Sep 23rd ~ Almost the end

Today was a good day at class, the test was a piece of cake, I think he made it easy so the folks that did bad on the last test could bring their scores up. I feel pretty good about the final coming up. We went over all the things that were going to be […]

Sep 21st ~ Productivity

I must say it’s been a very productive weekend, yesterday I cleared out the garden and got rid of all the dying plants. I mowed the backyard twice, the grass was out of control. Rested up a bit and then went and helped my neighbor clean out her garage; that was an experience! Left her, […]

Sep 20th ~ My mind won’t rest

Sometime around 7 ~ 7:30 I got up and let Xena out, I’m standing there watching and waiting for her to make her rounds around the yard so I can go back to bed. She looks as if she’s running through a small jungle, I never did finish mowing the rest of the backyard and […]

Sept 18th ~ Algebra Class

9:32 hit the snooze button 2 times this morning. Got up brushed my teeth, washed up the dishes, picked out some clothes to wear, and hopped in the shower. Dressed, going to warm-up a piece of chicken breast and make some eggs for breakfast. I’ve really been slacking on eating a good breakfast and working […]