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Weekend Wind Down

Really enjoyed myself this weekend. It was Atlanta’s Black Pride Wkd; although I didn’t do the club scene this year I did manage to get a little partying done. Nothing like a good house party with friends, those are always the least expensive and best times. Plenty of food and alcohol, I didn’t overindulge on either. I did overindulge on the dancing though 🙂 and enjoyed every second of it.

Had the pleasure of meeting some people I’ve been wanting to meet for a long time, even though it was short lived. Missed a few I wanted to meet-up with, will just have to make it happen another time.

12:30 Turning of the music and getting back on the schoolwork grind; rewriting my notes from Thursdays class and knocking out this homework.

2:45 omg these negative exponents in fractures are going to be the death of me and I’m just rewriting my notes!

3:45 pm homework complete; taking a break for now, will do some more practice stuff this evening. Turning on the tunes, time to put away this ton of laundry I did over the weekend.

9:53 it’s another rainy night, we definitely need it. The sound of the rain and Kem playing in the background are the perfect mix. I’ve had #Kem #Avery Sunshine #Ledisi #Leela James #Toni Braxton w/Babyface on rotation all evening; music is my muse.



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