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Sept 2nd ~ Back to classes

8am got up and was going to go workout but messed around for about an hr. Decided to just do an at home workout of Insanity; I did the Fit Test and although some of it kicked my butt I did pretty good. I guess all that other working out and cardio at Planet Fitness paid off. I have a couple of areas I want to tighten up but overall I’m good.

Left for class a little later than normal but I still got to school on-time. OMG this portion of Algebra, just shoot me now! I’m not the only one, there were a whole lot of moans and groans in the room today. The polynomials weren’t too bad but them damn negative exponents and division are going to be the death of me.

I really need to take some time and start working on this essay; procrastination is my downfall. It’s not a big deal but I just cannot make myself sit down and do it, I think the research is what is stopping me.

Tomorrow is my first day of the work/study program, I originally said I would go to work after my morning workout but I think I’ll go to work first then stop and workout on my way home. I can work 3 – 4 hrs and then work out for a couple hrs, and then I’ll have the rest of my day to get stuff done at home.

9:15 about to eat this piece of Cordon Blue, re-write my notes, and then if it’s not too late maybe do a little writing.


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