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Sep 3rd ~ Work/Study

So today was the first day of my work/study program. It wasn’t bad at all, I actually got in a lot of school work inbetween filing and shredding paperwork. That little shredder they have is going to make shredding all the paperwork take forever. There’s another guy that signed up for the program and apparently he is trying to work every day and too many hours. He is definitely making sure he get his 229 hrs a semester. The lady already told him he can only work 20 hrs per week, he’s trying to work 25. I’ll be lucky if I get 20 hrs per week, I’m not trying to be there everyday. There’s not even that much work to do between the both of us. Hopefully I can go over to the Voc Rehab Office and work over there next semester. There are a couple of older guys that teach classes that work over there in the section I’m at that are too funny. Extreme Conservatists, hilarious and entertaining to say the least.

Didn’t make it to Planet Fitness like I had planned to after work, got there an hr later than I planned which meant I needed to stay later to get the number of hrs I wanted today. Knocked out the rest of my homework this evening when I got home. Had some chick trying to get me to add her on facebook, but I can tell it’s a fake account. I remember her from last year trying to get me to add her. She has managed to get one of my friends to add her and tried to use that as a way in. NOT! I blocked her before, now she has changed the spelling of her last name; I say it’s a woman but I’m not really sure, the way the messages come across it could be some automated machine doing the typing. She claims she’s a nurse in NY but I seriously doubt that. Honestly I swear some people just have nothing better to do with their time. I’m not falling for it.

Well I’m hitting the sack tonight at a decent hour, it was raining pretty heavy earlier tonight I’m hoping it starts back up again so I can sleep to the sounds.


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