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Sep 4th ~ Constantly Moving

I got up this morning after letting my alarm play the same song twice. I wanted to get some tutoring in before class. Walked the dog and ended up talking to my neighbor down the street for a few extra minutes, the man is hilarious! We were talking about our lawns and how we’ve gone from highly motivated in keeping them perfect to dragging ass keeping them cut. He said the adhesive they use on couches has gotten much better than the velcro they use to use. Now when he sits down for longer than 5 minutes he feels like he is glued to the couch, whereas before the velcro just kindof held you steady.

Only got in 30 minutes of tutoring before class, which is better than none. Today’s lessons were a breeze, but the upcoming test next week is not going to be that easy I’m sure. Went straight back to tutoring after class and got in a good 1hr and some change. Received a text from the home security guy; forget I was suppose to meet him after class to get my security system installed.

Of course I got tied up trying to help this woman from my Per 101 class figure out something. I told the guy I would be there by 2pm, I look at the time after helping my classmate and it’s 2pm *sigh* Rush home and he’s finishing up with another of my neighbors so I don’t feel too bad because it’s balzing outside today.

I forget I have to move the car out of the garage for them to get in the attic; of course this is the car I seldom drive anymore and the battery is dead. He pushes it out in to the driveway for me and since it’s out there I sweep out the garage and move some things around. When the tech is done, the guy comes back and asks if I want him to push it back in to the garage. I tell him thanks but I’ve decided to wash it since it’s already out. I get the car washed then I pull out my cables and give the battery a jump; I leave the car running while I take the dog for her walk. When I get back I decide I may as well take her for a spin and put some gas in it. I think about leaving the car running while I put gas in it but think better of it; just my luck it might blow up or something. I shut her off, put about $10 worth of gas in it, run in to the store real quick, come back out get in the car turn the key, and she’s dead as a doorknob *sigh* I get this guy to give me a jump and then I drive back home and park her back in the garage. Time for a new battery and to drive her at least once or twice a week.

My mom calls me around 9:30 – 10 and while I’m talking to her I realize I haven’t eaten anything other than a couple of egg whites this morning and some trail mix. I make a quick bite to eat because it’s late I don’t want to go to sleep on a full stomach but I don’t want to go to bed hungry either.

Tomorrow is a work day and already I don’t want to go, I have a million things to do around the house but I’m going to go anyway. It’s almost 1am and I told the lady I’d be there around 8:30 so I’d better shut it down and get some shut-eye or I won’t be worth nothing in the morning.


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