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Sep 5th

Got up this morning even though I didn’t really want to to go to work. I get there before everyone else. The lady I report to comes in complaining to her co-workers about her coffee that they gave her with too much whipped creme on it. She really is over the top some times. Anyway she tells me that she told the other guy not to come in because she has some training to go and will not be there for much of the day. She says she isn’t sure if she is allowed to leave me in the section by myself. So when it’s time for her to go to her training I ask her if she wants me to stay or leave; she tells me I can leave. Now I’m a little annoyed because she knew I was coming in and she knew she was leaving an hr after I arrived, she why not just call me and tell me not to come in. I could’ve slept in or did something else.

I figure since I’m out I may as well go by the bank and deposit this check and take care of some other business. I decide to go to the coin laundry and wash some big comforters and the dogs bedding. My neighbor down the block stops by and we chat it up a bit. While the clothes are drying I make a run to Lowe’s to get some trim for the windows and some primer and paint supplies; I’m planning on painting the kitchen. On my way to Lowe’s I do something I rarely do; I’m really hungry so I stop at Wendy’s for a Jr Cheeseburger and a small french frie. That burger was deliscious, I even ate the onions (something I never do). I get the supplies I need, stop and pick-up my laundry and head on back to the house.

3pm ~ Something isn’t right, I’m feeling really tired so I lay down and take a nap on the couch. I sleep for a couple of hours and wake-up feeling a little worse than I did before the nap. All these folks at school and at this job are running around sneezing and coughing, I think I’m trying to get sick. Something I cannot afford to be right now; I have me a cup of hot tea and relax.

10pm ~ It’s late to be eating dinner but I’m having a salad, a steak with some corn-on-the-cob along with a cup of chamomile tea. This might be a late night depending on how I feel. Guess I’ll catch up on some shows I recorded over the last couple of weeks.



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