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Sep 7th The Weekend

8:15 am my neighbor calls me to see if I made it back home yet. I guess she was just making sure she didn’t have to come over and let the dog out for me; although I told her I would be back and not to worry. She could’ve just looked out the window and seen that the lights were off. Tried to go back to sleep but wasn’t really successful. Got up and balanced my checkbook, checked facebook, and the got dressed and went and worked out.

Ran 2 miles on the treadmill, something I rarely do. I don’t like running on the treadmill but it’s too hot to be outside running. Got in a nice shoulder workout as well. Went to Petsmart to get the dog some treats, went to Best Buy to pick-up a screen protector and USB connector for my tablet, stopped in Kohl’s to redeem this $40 in Kohl’s Cash before it expired, filled up the tank and made it to the subdivision just as the sky opened up.

So yesterday was a semi-productive day. I ironed up just about all the clothes I had washed and hung them up. A friend from Columbus stopped by and I almost got thrown off track. I told another friend that I would come to Savannah for a Poetry event. Jumped in the showered, walked the dog, dropped off the key to my neighbor, got dressed, filled up the tank and rolled out.

It was a nice little drive but I didn’t mind it at all. The event was nice, I really had a nice time and got to meet a bunch of new folks. All the poetry was good, one guy came and played the guitar and sang a song, I took my book and my friend read one of my pieces. We had some deliscious food to go with it compliments of the host. She’s planning on making this a monthly event. Next time I shall make a weekend out of the trip.

3:12pm ~ Alright back to current time, I need to finish up these notes and get in study mode. After that I’m going to prep the kitchen for a new paint job and some window framing. Today is going to be a very productive day.


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