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Sep 8th ~ Start of a New Week

7:00am and I hit the snooze on my alarm 3 times before getting up. Feeling a little sluggish, half dressed I looked a little thuggish in the mirror; I grinned and thought to myself even if you don’t look it you’re too old for that. Neatly dressed when I left the house, I stopped at the Shell station for a ginger ale but they were out of them.

The ride to the office was painless, traffic wasn’t bad or backed up going in the gate. Arrived in the parking lot with 6 minutes to spare. Sat in the car and finished listening to a Johnny Gill song as I contemplated my love life or should I say lack there of.

8:26 got out and walked to the building; no one is in the office yet and it’s locked. I go to the vending machine and get a Green Tea and have a seat out in the lobby.

8:40 the lady that works for the other college comes and opens the door, she’s friendly. I see my supervisor (I use that term loosely) strolling through the parking lot. She is working my nerves already.

8:50 still waiting on her to get settled in. First she has to chat it up with the other lady about everything, then she has to go get some coffee. I see she has put some work in my box; but the files are locked and she is so busy fussing that she hasn’t bothered to unlock the cabinet. So not feeling her this morning, I really need for the other folks to approve me going over to their section. This woman complains too much and is just extra at times. Everyone else is cool and she has her moments.

10:40 So far I’ve done some filing, shredded some paperwork, did some schoolwork, check my school email and looked over my class schedule for next semester, and scheduled an appt to get my WILL redone.

1:30 I head out to go get some tutoring done, I have a test tomorrow; it’s already giving me pause. Too many rules for this particular section of exponents & polynomials.

2:50 Time to head home, Xena has an appt with the Vet. I go by my neighbors and get my spare keys.

6:00 pm I make a quick run to Kroger’s to pick up a few items. I’ve been dodging the rain ever since I left the vet’s office. It’s pouring down rain when I leave the store. I don’t care I grab my bags and get wet.

The rest of my evening is spent half watching t.v. while I eat dinner and then making notes for my test tomorrow. I’m pretty tired now so before I get unsleppy (yes I know that’s not a word, I’m going to go lay it down. Goodnight



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