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Sep 9th ~ School Day

So I got up 30 minutes early this morning, got some exercise in, checked FB, had some breakfast, showered and got dressed. Was going to go over my notes again but started doing other stuff and ran out of time.

Arrived at class with 10 minutes to spare so I kind of read over my notes real quick. I swear as soon as I looked at the test paper everything seemed to fly out of my head. I did the ones I was sure of then went back to the ones that were giving me trouble. A couple of them I had right the first time, but I over thought them and changed my answers *sigh* I knew when I was writing it that it didn’t look right, oh well. After the test and looking over my notes and talking to a couple of other folks I knew I had messed up those 2 answers.

I think everyone had trouble with this test, even the young guy that sits next to me who scores in the 90’s or 100 said he struggled some.I was feeling pretty bummed out about it because I thought I had blown it. I just checked my grade online and low and behold I scored a 97% ~ woo hoo, talk about relieved! Averaging a B, thank goodness.

I’m still doing everything he is giving us the next couple of days to get extra credit just in case I need a cushion on the final exam. Today’s lesson was pretty easy, got my notes re-written; tomorrow I need to do this essay for my Per 101 class.


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