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Weekend Blitz

Been wanting to get on here and post but I’ve been hella busy. I did manage to write everything down on pen and paper; I’m trying to train myself to write something everyday so I can get back to writing. It’s working because I’m coming up with ideas that I’m jotting down but don’t have the time to sit down and committ to writing; soon though, real soon.

11 Sep 7:47 am

Got up before the alarm went off. Last night I layed down in one position and slept peacefully for the first time in weeks.  Lately I’ve been doing a lot of tossing & turning and repositioning myself all over the bed. Today is going to be an awesome beginning to something.

8:45 Listening to Kem while I’m getting my clothes together for class and then making some breakfast.

10:35 pm ~ I can barely keep my eyes open. After class stayed and got some tutoring for an hr and a half. Came home ironed up some shirts I washed yesterday and hung them up. Caught up on some shows on my DVR, took the screen door down and repaired it, started on Phase I of my kitchen remodel; ripped down part of the chair railing that they put around the windows and patched up the walls. Tomorrow I’ll get started with priming the walls.

12 Sep

Decided to sleep in until 9am, got up and showered, need to make a run to the bank and then stop by Lowe’s to pick up a bucket.

9:25 ~ I call my neighbor to pass on a message that someone left on my phone. She didn’t answer right away, takes her a minute to get to the phone. It’s taking her too long so I hang up and of course she calls me back; why a simple call turns in to a 30 minute conversation, I could have been to the bank and Lowe’s by now.

11:00 am ~ Turning on the tunes and getting to work on the kitchen.

13 Sep 2:30 am

Just finished taping & priming the dining partion of the kitchen. I should’ve cut the grass today because it’s suppose to rain for the next couple of days; it’s raining now.

2:45 am and I’m up in bed eating some Mango Sherbert. I really need to get some sleep, got another long day ahead of me. If I get the entire kitchen primed I’ll be good to go.

11 am ~ Day 2 of fixing up the kitchen; got up around 9 am sore as hell, but I have work to do.

14 Sep ~ 3 am

Another late night of painting. I managed to get all the walls primed and painted the dining area; it looks pretty good. I think I’m satisfied with the shade of yellow I picked. I’ll see in the morning when it’s daylight outside, and once I get the window trim up. Definitely plan on finishing up later  today. I’ve got some other things I need to do.

Took a couple of the doors off the cabinets to reposition them, not sure if I really want to deal with them right now though. Time will tell, either way they are going back up. Called and talked to my mom for an hr or so.

9:30 am ~ Up and at it again, first I need some breakfast. Cooked some eggs, played with the dog, checked FB. Just remembered I want to go to the movies today so I need to get on it; I still also need to cut the grass.


Alright, got all the painting done, went to the movies, came home walked the dog, then cut the grass; well at least the front and part of the backyard before the rain kicked in. Now to frame the windows and then put the kitchen back together.

9pm ~ I’m exhausted! Windows framed, applainces cleaned, tools put away. Getting ready to soak in some Lavender, Vanilla, and hot water and calling it a night. Got to go to work/study, think I’ll be doing more studying than working. I’ll mop the floor tomorrow after I finish taking the tape down and putting the blinds back up. Looking good, next month will be Phase II ~ Putting up the backsplash.


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