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Sept 15th

7:10 am Xena is whining, she wants to go outside, may as well get up.

7:15 Shut off the alarm and crawled back in to bed for 15 mins

Just looked at the clock and it’s 7:57 and I’m still trying to find a shirt to wear. I need to get a move on; today is going to be a long day. I have an appt at the VA Hosp at 12:30 so I’ll be leaving work around 11:30.

1:40 pm ~ So my appointment at the VA was cancelled and rescheduled but nobody bothered to call or let me know. Sure would’ve been nice to know that before I took that 45 min drive all the way there. My prediction was right, I didn’t do a lick of work today, basically I just re-wrote my notes and did some practice problems to prep myself for my test tomorrow.

2:30 ~ I’m feeling like I need a quick nap before I continue on with my tasks for today.

3:10 ~ Forget about the nap, getting up and get organized so I can cook some dinner & get some more studying in.

7:25 ~ Touch-ups done, floor mopped, just waiting for it to dry so I can cook my dinner.

9:pm ~ Got all the tape removed, ate dinner, and working on these worksheets before I call it a night.


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