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Sept 17th

6pm ~ Feeling extremely tired today; went to work but did more research for this essay and working on these math handouts than I did work. Works for me so I’m not complaining; I believe had I been at home I would’ve been sleeping for most of the day.

Left work and went to the commissary only to realize I didn’t have my debit card; freaked out for a second then remembered I took it out of my wallet when I went to the movies Sunday. Just needed some soap & toothpaste so I came home and went to Kroger’s instead; worked out better because they had those things on sale for 10 for $10. Mixed and matched and got more for my money, plus a few other things I probably didn’t really need.

Stopped by my neighbor’s, she called me and wanted to know if I would help her do some work in her garage for service. She can’t afford to pay me so she said if I would do it she would watch my dog for me for a week the next time I went out of town for free. Her garage is not even that bad, she just as some boxes that need to be moved and or tossed out. I told her she didn’t have to bargain with me; all she needed to do was ask me to help her.  I really need to be in the mood for her because she is going to work my nerves with her excessive talking about nothing or the same things she’s told me a million times already. She really needs a hobby or something to do.


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