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Sept 18th ~ Algebra Class

9:32 hit the snooze button 2 times this morning. Got up brushed my teeth, washed up the dishes, picked out some clothes to wear, and hopped in the shower. Dressed, going to warm-up a piece of chicken breast and make some eggs for breakfast. I’ve really been slacking on eating a good breakfast and working out.

Started on my essay last night, kept getting distracted by the dog. It’s pretty much complete, just need to add my sources to it. Since I’m on schedule this morning, I need to re-write these answers for these handouts. They aren’t due until next week but I want to turn them in today; that’ll be once less thing on my plate.

4:40 ~ Took my Final Test in my Per 101 course online after my Algebra class and had the English tutor look over my essay. So glad I finally completed it and got it over with, just need to upload it and I’m done with that class. 2 more tests next week in Algebra and it will be time to relax my brain for a week or 2.

Made some minor mistakes on the test that cost me a few points; I scored better than the he young dude that sits next to me. I was surprised and proud of myself. I didn’t have the highest score so I didn’t win the big candy bar. It’s okay because there weere only a few of us that scored in the 90’s & 80’s, everybody else pretty much bombed it. I don’t understand a couple of the young ladies that aren’t doing too well, they come in the classroom late almost every morning, even though they are right there on campus. I was running a bit behind but still made it to class before he closed the door. They were sitting there in the break area and watched me run past the table they were sitting at but didn’t get up to come to class. By the time they decided to come to class we were already going over the test. They definitely need to get it together because I’m sure they are either failing or barely getting by. For the 1st time I could tell my teacher was upset with folks today, he held it together but he let folks have it and told them now was not the time to be goofing off.


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