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Sep 20th ~ My mind won’t rest

Sometime around 7 ~ 7:30 I got up and let Xena out, I’m standing there watching and waiting for her to make her rounds around the yard so I can go back to bed. She looks as if she’s running through a small jungle, I never did finish mowing the rest of the backyard and now it’s looking really bad. I tell myself just go back to sleep for a little while then get up go get some gasoline and bags and get busy.

I jump back in bed and as I start to drift off my mind wanders to a piece I was working on last night/early this morning. I have a pen but no paper nearby *sigh* so I grab my tablet and pop her open. Then I realize I need my glasses *sigh* I go get my glasses and begin to revise. I’m finished and I’m glad I decided to get up and not think I would remember an hour or so from now.

8:36 ~ Now I’m thinking it’s been almost 2 weeks since I last went to Planet Fitness and worked out. I’m feeling guilty about that even though I have worked out from home a few times, it’s just not the same. I want to go but I have so much work to do around the house and yard before next weekend. I’m planning a Low Country Boil at my house and some folks are staying over so I’ve got to tidy up a bit. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind but it’s bothering me so I need to put in the work. Not to mention this pile of clean clothes that I washed last night that are staring me in the face right now. Does it ever end?

Now that I think about it my neighbor is probably hoping I come over today and help her with her garage, yes well that might have to wait until tomorrow or another day. Guess I may as well get up and make myself some breakfast and get started before the sun or rain comes full blast. Hopefully it stays just like it is, nice and cool.


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