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Sep 21st ~ Productivity

I must say it’s been a very productive weekend, yesterday I cleared out the garden and got rid of all the dying plants. I mowed the backyard twice, the grass was out of control. Rested up a bit and then went and helped my neighbor clean out her garage; that was an experience! Left her, went home and showered and went to a Pure Romance Party.

Today I got up and got to work putting away all the laundry I washed over the last couple of days. I swear I feel like I’m doing laundry all the time. Talked to mom for a couple of hours, got the kitchen back in order, put the cabinet doors back on so that they close properly with the new hardware.

Going to work on re-writing some notes and make sure I have all my handouts ready. Depending how late it gets and how I feel I may start on ironing all these clothes so I can get them hung up. The weather is starting to change, it’s getting cooler at night, soon it’ll be time to put away the warm weather clothes and break out the cooler/cold weather clothes.


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