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Oct 30th – Test Review

So today we got our test papers back so we could review and ask questions. It seems like I was one of the few people that actually did well. There’s one young lady in the class that thinks she’s the smartest one, come to find out she really bombed the test and was mad because […]

Math Test

Wow, my head is still spinning from that math test this afternoon. I didn’t ace it like I wanted to, I scored a 77 which is a C so it’s still passing. I’m not satisfied with that so I’ve got to really tighten up. He threw a few in there that I was not prepared […]

A Day of Productivity

I just knew this lady was going to have all kinds of busy work for me to do today. I was mistaken, she really didn’t have much for me to do, which worked out great for me. I was able to work on some math problems in preparation for this test tomorrow. My goal is […]

Rolling up on 55

God willing; In about 4 months I will be 55. Yes I’m sure some of you didn’t know that or probably can’t believe it, but yes I will have reached that milestone. I’ve been thinking and reflecting on it for a few months now. Wondering where the time has gone so fast. Thinking about all […]

Oct 23rd ~ Problems and Papers

This school qtr definitely has me on my toes! Algebra class is moving fast and these problems are getting more complex … I’m actually enjoying working on ‘Simplifying Rational Expressions’, these ‘Complex Fractions’ though! We have a test next week on Tues, I’ll be spending all weekend studying and working problems to make sure I […]

Oct 18th ~ Been a feet up kind of day

Slept in this morning and didn’t really do much else. Yes it’s been a lazy kind of day and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I did manage to start on my Contrast/Comparison Essay, initially I was going to write on being Self-Employed vs Working for Someone else. Last night I changed my mind and […]

Oct 16th ~ Feeling tired, sipping on some tea

This has been a pretty productive week, feeling the effects of getting up early to exercise, being at work-study all day, and a full day of classes. Tomorrow is a free day for me, no work-study and no classes. I get to sleep in and other than a good workout and a Club Mtg at […]