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Oct 14th ~ Back on the school grind

Got up around 7:30ish and went to workout, I thought the place would be crowded but it wasn’t. Guess I’ll be getting my workouts in early in the morning before class, not sure if I’ll go before work, at least not this week.

Today was the first day of classes. I was actually looking forward to it. Both of my classes are just about full, not sure how I feel about that. The Math class is not too bad, I have the same instructor from my last class so I’m familiar with him. Got a couple of smokers that sit behind me. On break they went to their car and had a smoke even though this is a smoke free campus. The smell of cigarette smoke and breath just doesn’t sit well with me. Hopefully I will not have to change my seat, or maybe I’ll just take some air freshner 🙂

English class we have some chatty Kathy’s. The instructor already had to ask them on 3 separate occassions if they were listening. I can see right now those folks are going to get separated or tossed out of class. The instructor is nice, but I have the feeling she don’t play. I know for sure she definitely doesn’t play when it comes to turning in assignments.

Doing the work-study program again, first day was yesterday. Thought I was going to get in a lot of writing but it turns out she actually had some work for me to do. I did manage to get in a chapter or two. Tomorrow I’ll definitely be doing homework.


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