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Oct 16th ~ Feeling tired, sipping on some tea

This has been a pretty productive week, feeling the effects of getting up early to exercise, being at work-study all day, and a full day of classes. Tomorrow is a free day for me, no work-study and no classes. I get to sleep in and other than a good workout and a Club Mtg at 11, I have the day to myself. Tonight I’m catching up on the dvr, and waiting for “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder”, to come on. Hopefully I will stay awake long enough to watch them but if not the dvr will catch them for me.

Classes are going well. The instructor did a little bit of back tracking in math on factoring, it all came flooding back to me. It was a good thing he did because we were learning about Simplifying Rational Expressions, and there were a few students in class whose previous teacher taught them the AC method wrong. They would’ve been completely lost. Simplifying these polynomial expressions takes quite a few steps and takes some time to work them out. These homewrok problems will take much longer to solve.

I need to come up with a subject for my Compare/Contrast essay, the draft is due next week. We broke up into groups and bounced around our ideas to see if the subject matter we were planning to write about was going to be too broad, too narrow, or just right. I think I want to do a comparison on being self-employed and working for someone else. Just got to be careful to not turn it into a Pro/Con piece. I have a few other subjects in mind, I’ll sleep on it and see what else pops up in my mind.


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