Oct 23rd ~ Problems and Papers

This school qtr definitely has me on my toes!

Algebra class is moving fast and these problems are getting more complex … I’m actually enjoying working on ‘Simplifying Rational Expressions’, these ‘Complex Fractions’ though! We have a test next week on Tues, I’ll be spending all weekend studying and working problems to make sure I got it. Thank goodness I understand the ‘Factoring Guidelines’ or I’d be in all kinds of trouble! Tonight I’m just going to re-write my notes from class so I can start practing these problems on the worksheets the teacher gave us. I might run out of note paper before this qtr is over, this problems take anywhere from 3 – 8 steps to solve.

Turned in the draft of my first essay today, we had to break-up in groups and read our essays out loud. Why was I the only one in my group that had an essay? They both had part of their thesis hand-written but it needed some direction. One of the girls had an excuse, she hadn’t been in class so she really didn’t have time, the other girl, well she’s always yapping in class and she doesn’t like to read so she might be in trouble.

I helped them out with their thesis and they gave me some input on my paper. I got 10 extra points for having the full draft. I wrote it in final form, I’m hoping I will not find anything that I missed. I’ll look over it tomorrow, but hopefully that essay is a wrap. I might attempt to participate in the Ethics Essay Contest to get some more extra credit. Good thing bout that besides the extra credit points, but I can use it as my Persuasive Essay.

Already I can see this class is going to help me while I’m making these revisions on my novel. Speaking of which; I got a lot of writing done this past Sunday and looking to get some more done this weekend.


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