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Math Test

Wow, my head is still spinning from that math test this afternoon. I didn’t ace it like I wanted to, I scored a 77 which is a C so it’s still passing. I’m not satisfied with that so I’ve got to really tighten up. He threw a few in there that I was not prepared for and those extra credit ones, had me scratching my head.

We started on Roots and Radicals, with fractions and variables, and having to find Prime Factors when you don’t have perfect roots. Thankfully he gave us a cheat sheet to help with exponents, now I don’t have to try and figure out what 7 to the 6th power is in my head! These roots and radicals are kindof fun right now, but I know the ‘oh shit’ factor is right around the corner.

Time to start narrowing down a subject for my persuasive essay. Need to do some research on Ethotos, Pathos, Logos, first and see which one is the most effective for my audience. This should be interesting since at this minute I have no idea what the heck Ethotos, Pathos, and Logos even mean.

Learning somethine new everyday.


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