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Oct 30th – Test Review

So today we got our test papers back so we could review and ask questions. It seems like I was one of the few people that actually did well. There’s one young lady in the class that thinks she’s the smartest one, come to find out she really bombed the test and was mad because she felt there was no way she got so many wrong. What I find amusing is that her and 3 other ladies just be yapping during class and they wonder why they did so bad. The instructor told them today that he was going to separate them if they didn’t stop disrupting other folks. They were all offended and got in their feelings.

I just made simple mistakes on 4 questions so I only got partial credit, cost me a total of 8 points. I didn’t feel so bad then because I actually solved the problem just forgot to cancel out all the variables at the end. The guy in front of me didn’t even bother to do some of the problems, he just left the whole page blank. He’s another one that talks constantly during class, I don’t know if he’s going to make it but the only one I’m concerned about is me.

The last part of class almost blew my mind, multiplying radicals using the distributive properties and binomials. I’m telling you those last 15 mins of class I was like just shoot me now and Jesus take the wheel. It’s going to be another weekend of working math problems and my face in the book. Since most of the class did so bad he’s breaking up this chapter so we don’t have to try and remember everything and having another test on Tues. I’m definitely going to try and squeeze some tutoring in on Saturday on this last section we covered today. It’s going to be tight because I have a Retirement Ceremony to attend. I might just have to take some time of from my work-study on Monday and get in a few hours.

Those chatty Kathy’s is English class almost got their feelings hurt and didn’t even know it. We had to watch a couple of videos and the teacher left the room, that was like giving them permission to talk about what they did over the weekend. We couldn’t even hear the video, they were getting all kinds of crazy looks from the folks in the class but that didn’t even stop them. Myself and the guy that sits behind me was about 2 seconds away from blasting them when the teacher came back in, and of course the room fell silent. I tell you these young folks straight out of high school just don’t get it, and then be asking questions about what it is we have to do because they weren’t paying attention. I let it go but the other guy had a talk with the instructor after our workshop, so I have a feeling that next week that little group will be separated.


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