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4 Nov – Still holding on to this C

I was worried about this today, and after I took it didn’t seem that bad. Just checked my score and I thought I did better than I did. I passed it but not by much (70). These radicals are going to be the death of my brain cells. I foud out I was the only person that passed the last test, I’m still trying to figure that out. Oh well another test under my belt, time to focus on this lesson on Rational Exponents we learned today.

English class was interesting today. The teacher surprised everyone with seat assignments written on the board. I  thought it was pretty comical but all the chatty Kathy’s were pissed! During break they all gathered up outside gripping about the changes and calling her every name in the book. For once there wasn’t a whole lot of chatter going on, with the exception of one guy. I got a feeling he is going to get tossed from class if he keeps trying her. She had to lay in on a few folks that haven’t been doing the assignments and texting during class.

So much for relaxing a bit, may as well get started on re-writing this notes and trying to wrap my head around this math stuff before Thursday’s lesson. Mid-terms are next Tuesday, *sigh*


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