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11 Nov ~ Under pressure

What a day, what a day! Didn’t even have a chance to get a free meal.

My day started at 6:45am, got up and decided to make myself a cup of hot tea. Put the water on and sat down at the computer, needless to say I let all the water boil out and pretty much burned up the pot. Finally got the tea and some breakfast made. Finished the research for my bibliography and put all the citations in.

I planned on going to tutoring an hour before class, so I packed up my things hopped in the shower and rolled out. Didn’t make it to school in enough time, so I sat in tha atrium to do a little self study, some woman came over and plopped her behind down at the table making enough noise to get my attention. I thought it was one of my classmates so I glanced up and she looked at me and said I’m just sitting here. I went back to solving problems, then she started talking to me. Asking me if I needed some help as she was taking math 094 and pretty good at it, I politely smiled and told her I was taking 095 so she probably couldn’t really help me. She then proceeds to tell me she had taken the class 4 times (you already know what I was thinking). I return to my studies and then she asks me if I had lost an older person close to me, I’m getting a little annoyed right now because I’m already stressing about this test I’m getting ready to take. I look up from my paper and say excuse me, she repeats the question. I humor her and tell her yes my grandparents many years ago. She nods and ask me if I know what she is doing, the look on my face tells her no. She proceeds to tell me she is trying to cold read me. I return to my paper, I don’t have time for this. Again she interupts me to ask me if I know first aid, because she needs some help studying. I just had to tell her that I was trying to study for a test that I was going to take in 20 mins and I would appreciate it if she would stop bothering me. She apologized and then got up to go bug somebody else. By the time she quit bugging me it was almost time to go to class. I chit chatted about the test with one of my classmates and then headed on down the hall. I swear if felt like dead students walking as a bunch of us strolled down to class.

As much as I was stressing over that test I showed up to take it. There had to be at least 4 people that didn’t show up to class today. The 1st page I was thinking ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’ because I was like what! There were a few that I really wasn’t sure of but I attempted to work them out anyway. I was expecting to fail this test but I checked my scores and I passed with a 79, yes!

I still had to deal with my english class, come to find out I didn’t need a copy of my bibliography for class. Whew, because I was not ready, and apparantely a few other folks were less ready than I was. 23:59 is the cut-off to have it upload for the teacher, I came home and spent a few hours getting that thing done. So now I’m back on track. She finally uploaded the grades for our first essay, I scored a 78, I was happy with that. Mid-terms were this past weekend, I aced it, yay me!

I am mentally beat and about to turn over and get some shut-eye. Still have some math homework to do but it’s not due until Thurs, I’ll knock it out tomorrow at work-study as well as get started on the draft for my ethics essay. I already have all my research so I just need to start putting it together


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