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18 Nov ~ Keeping my head above water

Last week was a pretty stressful week as far as school was concerned. Managed to get all my assignments done on-time. Had another test today that I thought was going to be a breeze, of course it wasn’t. It wasn’t hard just a lot of work remembering all the different formulas and when to use them. I was a little skeptical about my results but I did rather well, scored an 87%, the best I’ve done in math this whole qtr. I’ve got 1 more test next Tues before finals. These Radical Equations are no joke. I was hoping to get a certain teacher next qtr for Algebra 109 but she has decided to take a break from teaching until the Spring. I don’t think I want to wait 3 months or longer to take her class. I’m going to suck it up and take 109 after the CHristmas break is over, just hope this 30 day break doesn’t hurt me.

I’m doing well in English, just need to get through this last narrative essay. It shouldn’t be too hard the word count is only 600 – 800. The draft is due on Thurs, I’ve got my thesis statement and outline done already, I’ll write it tomorrow at work-study.

Almost time to call it a night, just need to finish re-writing my math notes, I’ll do the homework tomorrow.


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