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5 Dec ~ Finals are over!

Whew it’s been one heck of a school qtr, never again will I take an English and Math class at the same time!. Finals were this week and I survived, though there were a few moments when I wasn’t so sure. Scored 88 on my Math final and aced the English final exam. I ended the qtr on a good note passing both of my courses with a GPA of 80.20% (B) in math, and a GPA of 97.19% (A) in English.

Can you say I’m so ready for this long Christmas break. I slept so good last night, my brain definitely needed the rest. I’m going to have to take my notes with me to go over from time-to-time because next qtr doesn’t start until Jan and I’ll be taking College Algebra. I think that’s a really long time in-between courses and I don’t want to forget everything I’ve already learned so far.

For now though I’m going to just relax and focus my attention on writing, something that hopefully won’t stress me out too much.


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