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The Start of a New Year ~ 13 Jan

Spent some much needed time with my family over the holidays. Visited VA, NY, and NC, even with getting sick twice I would not trade the time spent with my family for anything. Family is everything!

So today was the first day back to school. The Critical Thinking and Character Development course isn’t going to be a problem. However this College Algebra course, or should I say the professor is going to give me a reason for pause. Already she has shown her true colors. She has a lazy style of teaching, and gives you more homework than actual class work. I know this is college and it’s not meant to be easy but damn, can she teach us what we need to know and not tell us to look it up online. I took the classroom course because I do better in a classroom setting.

She gave us 6 homework assignments that are due on Thursday. We have a full class and I can already tell that a bunch of folks will be dropping her class before the week is out. A bunch of the class already let her know how we felt about her teaching, she is definitely rough around the edges and needs to at least act like she wants to be there teaching.

I’m going to stick it out, but she has got to do better. I guess time will tell. Thank goodness I took an easier course with this because I would never see the light of day.


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