3 Jun

My intentions to come here and write every day are good but actually finding the time has not been easy. Last school qtr kicked my butt with all those papers I had to write for my English Comp class. Yhe Art Appreciation class was a killer as well, trying to remember all those artists, what medium they used and what time period they were from was a challenge. Proud to say I passed both courses with an A. This quarter I’m taking Introduction to Physcology and Creative Writing. The phys class is not too bad, just have to make sure I pay attention because we have a quiz immediately after every class. So far so good. I’m liking this writing class, the professor is springing all these exercises on us. Tues she gave us our first assignment , we had to interview our names. Didn’t matter what format we choose (poetry, short story with dialogue, newspaper interview). That was really a challenge but I got through it. Today’s impropmtu assignment in class was to write a love letter to someone that we disliked. That was interesting. By Monday I need to write a sonnet. I really need this class and I’m happy I was able to squeeze right on in. I had to change my Major from General to English which was fine by me. Oh well, my eyes are heavy and I really need to catch up on some much needed sleep. I’ll be back tomorrow with a much bette update.


4 comments on “3 Jun

  1. You are trying to blog daily? Good luck.

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