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Sonnet Reviews

So today in class, we each had to write our sonnet on the board. Afterwards we took turns readig them out loud and then showing where the poetry terms she asked for were written in the sonnet. Next we had to critique our own work as well as each other’s. Everyone did pretty good, I especially liked the one the guy that sits behind me wrote.

The only critique I got from the professor was about a coma I had placed in one of the lines. She said it interrupted the flow, I would have to agree. There is one line I’m not really satisfied with and she understood exactly what I meant. We have to submitt some of our writings to the schools “Reflections” collections. I think I’m going to submit my sonnet but I need to fix that one line.

Our next assignment is to draft a poem about any subject, this time she wants us to play with meter. Some examples we looked at were Robert Frost, Nikki Giovanni, and Carl Sandburg. I’m going to sleep on it and read a few pieces tomorrow, I think I have an idea for a piece but I’m not sure yet. Might jot down a few things tonight before bed.

Pyschology class is interesting enough, my professor is pretty funny, she keeps us entertained. These quizzes after class really do much me pay attention. First real test is on Weds.


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