Random Thought

So a few weeks ago I thought I had lost out, but what I realize is that I more than likely dodge a bullet. Advertisements

Time Flies

Where do I begin… My time has been consumed with my studies. I finished one degree this past December and started another in January of this year. The difference in the quarter system and semester system took some getting used to, still trying to decide which one I like better. Not that it matters because […]


   My focus is paying off. I’ve gotten back in to my fitness routine and it shows, my muscle tone and energy level is up. I even did a 4-mile run a couple of weekends ago, although when I started I had no idea the run was going to be that long. After the run […]

The Countdown Begins

Just one more week of classes. I’ve learned a lot about writing and done a lot of writing over these past few weeks. I also joined a writing group that meets every 2 weeks. Both of these have forced me to learn to write on the fly and have challenged me. I’m glad I took […]

Changing it up

I was just getting back in to writing peotry and now we’ve shifted from writing poetry to writing short stories. The last couple of class exercises have been writing short stories. The topics have been interesting enough, not sure if I’m going to stick with what I’ve already started or maybe find something else that […]

Some good information Ran across this list, time to go back to my writing to see if I have done this in my works.

Getting the Grades

I wish all my classes were as much fun and interesting as the 2 classes I’m taking now. On my first writing assignment (interviewing my name) I got 99 and my second assignment (sonnet) I got a 97. Feeling good about that. Took my first pyscology test last week and got an 86. Doing good […]