Life Full Speed Ahead

This month has been a busy one. School, redecorating, NaPoWriMo. It’s been a few days I didn’t know if I was coming or going or what I was doing. In the middle of the quarter and I’m doing better than I expected in my Art Appreciation class. We had our second test yesterday, almost aced […]

Still at it ~ Spring Break

Last school quarter took a toll on me mentally. The Algebra 109 professor I had gave me fits, half of my class withdrew from her class. Crazy me decided to hang in there, that was a mistake. One I will not repeat, unlike the Algebra 109 class that I now have to take again. The […]

The Start of a New Year ~ 13 Jan

Spent some much needed time with my family over the holidays. Visited VA, NY, and NC, even with getting sick twice I would not trade the time spent with my family for anything. Family is everything! So today was the first day back to school. The Critical Thinking and Character Development course isn’t going to […]

11 Nov ~ Under pressure

What a day, what a day! Didn’t even have a chance to get a free meal. My day started at 6:45am, got up and decided to make myself a cup of hot tea. Put the water on and sat down at the computer, needless to say I let all the water boil out and pretty […]

Oct 30th – Test Review

So today we got our test papers back so we could review and ask questions. It seems like I was one of the few people that actually did well. There’s one young lady in the class that thinks she’s the smartest one, come to find out she really bombed the test and was mad because […]

A Day of Productivity

I just knew this lady was going to have all kinds of busy work for me to do today. I was mistaken, she really didn’t have much for me to do, which worked out great for me. I was able to work on some math problems in preparation for this test tomorrow. My goal is […]

Rolling up on 55

God willing; In about 4 months I will be 55. Yes I’m sure some of you didn’t know that or probably can’t believe it, but yes I will have reached that milestone. I’ve been thinking and reflecting on it for a few months now. Wondering where the time has gone so fast. Thinking about all […]