Daily Actions

A Day of Productivity

I just knew this lady was going to have all kinds of busy work for me to do today. I was mistaken, she really didn’t have much for me to do, which worked out great for me. I was able to work on some math problems in preparation for this test tomorrow. My goal is […]

Oct 18th ~ Been a feet up kind of day

Slept in this morning and didn’t really do much else. Yes it’s been a lazy kind of day and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I did manage to start on my Contrast/Comparison Essay, initially I was going to write on being Self-Employed vs Working for Someone else. Last night I changed my mind and […]

Oct 14th ~ Back on the school grind

Got up around 7:30ish and went to workout, I thought the place would be crowded but it wasn’t. Guess I’ll be getting my workouts in early in the morning before class, not sure if I’ll go before work, at least not this week. Today was the first day of classes. I was actually looking forward […]

Oct 1st ~ Productive

So I just realized that most of last months post were dated Aug; didn’t even occur to me until I started to post this month and realized Oct did not follow Aug ~ lol Today was spent working out at the fitness center, shopping around for tile for my backsplash, mowing the yard (more exercise), […]

Sep 30th

I’ve been playing catch-up on some other social media sites and other things now that classes are over for awhile. Saturday I had some friends over and we did a Low Country Boil. Talk about some good eating, yummy, already thinking about doing another one. Did an ab workout this morning before I left for […]

Sep 21st ~ Productivity

I must say it’s been a very productive weekend, yesterday I cleared out the garden and got rid of all the dying plants. I mowed the backyard twice, the grass was out of control. Rested up a bit and then went and helped my neighbor clean out her garage; that was an experience! Left her, […]

Sep 20th ~ My mind won’t rest

Sometime around 7 ~ 7:30 I got up and let Xena out, I’m standing there watching and waiting for her to make her rounds around the yard so I can go back to bed. She looks as if she’s running through a small jungle, I never did finish mowing the rest of the backyard and […]