11 Nov ~ Under pressure

What a day, what a day! Didn’t even have a chance to get a free meal. My day started at 6:45am, got up and decided to make myself a cup of hot tea. Put the water on and sat down at the computer, needless to say I let all the water boil out and pretty […]


Oh man, I have fallen behind … I am so screwed for tomorrow. I have a test that’s going to kick my behind, I’m suppose to have my annotated bibliography turned in by tomorrow and I haven’t even started writing it. I just figured out what my paper was going to be on. The good […]

Down Time

So glad I brought my tablet with me to work-study, I’ve pretty much been playing around online all day. I did manage to finish re-writing my class notes and do my homework. I could’ve stayed at home today and been relaxing on the couch in front of the fireplace, but then I wouldn’t be getting […]

Rolling up on 55

God willing; In about 4 months I will be 55. Yes I’m sure some of you didn’t know that or probably can’t believe it, but yes I will have reached that milestone. I’ve been thinking and reflecting on it for a few months now. Wondering where the time has gone so fast. Thinking about all […]

Oct 7th ~ Catching up

I’ve been catching up on a lot of work around the house and the yard, I’v also been getting in some good workouts. Luckily for me the weather this week so far as been great. The GA National Fair is in town, I went yesterday to get some food. The rib plate I got wasn’t […]

Sep 30th

I’ve been playing catch-up on some other social media sites and other things now that classes are over for awhile. Saturday I had some friends over and we did a Low Country Boil. Talk about some good eating, yummy, already thinking about doing another one. Did an ab workout this morning before I left for […]

Sep 24th

Just an ordinary day ~ Got my teeth cleaned, worked, came home and cooked dinner. My right hip is bothering me, must have been that hard uncomfortable chair I was sitting in at work. Took something to relieve the inflamation and iced it down, think I’ll take another pill and soak in some hot water. […]