Aug 30th ~ Productivity

Finally got around to mowing the lawn this morning. Also put down some stuff to kill all the ant mounds that popped up in the backyard. Picked a few sweet bell peppers, had to toss a couple of them. Felt like I just jumped out of the pool when I got done; my clothes were […]

Aug 22nd

3:56 ~ Today I’ve been thinking about sleeping all day. It’s my own fault, I stayed up entirely too late last night. My good friend text me to tell me she made me some Oatmeal Raisin cookies, I went over to her house to get them and ended up staying over there talking until almost […]

Hello and Welcome to Insyde the Mynd of

I sometimes find it impossible to shut my mind off when I go to bed. While I’m sleeping random thoughts just take over. I’ve gone back to keeping a pen and paper next to my bed so that I can get up and write these things down that cloud my mind, hopefully it will help […]