A Day of Productivity

I just knew this lady was going to have all kinds of busy work for me to do today. I was mistaken, she really didn’t have much for me to do, which worked out great for me. I was able to work on some math problems in preparation for this test tomorrow. My goal is […]

Oct 14th ~ Back on the school grind

Got up around 7:30ish and went to workout, I thought the place would be crowded but it wasn’t. Guess I’ll be getting my workouts in early in the morning before class, not sure if I’ll go before work, at least not this week. Today was the first day of classes. I was actually looking forward […]

Sep 8th ~ Start of a New Week

7:00am and I hit the snooze on my alarm 3 times before getting up. Feeling a little sluggish, half dressed I looked a little thuggish in the mirror; I grinned and thought to myself even if you don’t look it you’re too old for that. Neatly dressed when I left the house, I stopped at […]