The Countdown Begins

Just one more week of classes. I’ve learned a lot about writing and done a lot of writing over these past few weeks. I also joined a writing group that meets every 2 weeks. Both of these have forced me to learn to write on the fly and have challenged me. I’m glad I took […]

Changing it up

I was just getting back in to writing peotry and now we’ve shifted from writing poetry to writing short stories. The last couple of class exercises have been writing short stories. The topics have been interesting enough, not sure if I’m going to stick with what I’ve already started or maybe find something else that […]

Sonnet Reviews

So today in class, we each had to write our sonnet on the board. Afterwards we took turns readig them out loud and then showing where the poetry terms she asked for were written in the sonnet. Next we had to critique our own work as well as each other’s. Everyone did pretty good, I […]

Pushing the envelope

It’s taken me a couple of days to write this sonnet for my creative writing class but I finally got it done today. It might not have been so challenging if I only had to write 14 lines but my professor added a few stipulations to the assignment. The sonnet had to contain imagery (I […]

3 Jun

My intentions to come here and write every day are good but actually finding the time has not been easy. Last school qtr kicked my butt with all those papers I had to write for my English Comp class. Yhe Art Appreciation class was a killer as well, trying to remember all those artists, what […]

Life Full Speed Ahead

This month has been a busy one. School, redecorating, NaPoWriMo. It’s been a few days I didn’t know if I was coming or going or what I was doing. In the middle of the quarter and I’m doing better than I expected in my Art Appreciation class. We had our second test yesterday, almost aced […]

A Day of Productivity

I just knew this lady was going to have all kinds of busy work for me to do today. I was mistaken, she really didn’t have much for me to do, which worked out great for me. I was able to work on some math problems in preparation for this test tomorrow. My goal is […]