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Sonnet Reviews

So today in class, we each had to write our sonnet on the board. Afterwards we took turns readig them out loud and then showing where the poetry terms she asked for were written in the sonnet. Next we had to critique our own work as well as each other’s. Everyone did pretty good, I especially liked the one the guy that sits behind me wrote.

The only critique I got from the professor was about a coma I had placed in one of the lines. She said it interrupted the flow, I would have to agree. There is one line I’m not really satisfied with and she understood exactly what I meant. We have to submitt some of our writings to the schools “Reflections” collections. I think I’m going to submit my sonnet but I need to fix that one line.

Our next assignment is to draft a poem about any subject, this time she wants us to play with meter. Some examples we looked at were Robert Frost, Nikki Giovanni, and Carl Sandburg. I’m going to sleep on it and read a few pieces tomorrow, I think I have an idea for a piece but I’m not sure yet. Might jot down a few things tonight before bed.

Pyschology class is interesting enough, my professor is pretty funny, she keeps us entertained. These quizzes after class really do much me pay attention. First real test is on Weds.

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Pushing the envelope

It’s taken me a couple of days to write this sonnet for my creative writing class but I finally got it done today. It might not have been so challenging if I only had to write 14 lines but my professor added a few stipulations to the assignment. The sonnet had to contain imagery (I don’t know how people write without it), alliteration, assonance, an oxymoron, a simile or metaphor, and contain the word ‘pop’. I think I did pretty good on it, but I shall find out tomorrow in class.

This class is giving me a boost in my creative thought process. I may just have to find a creative writing bootcamp when this class is over. I definitely need to dust off some of my previous writings and give them a good look.


3 Jun

My intentions to come here and write every day are good but actually finding the time has not been easy. Last school qtr kicked my butt with all those papers I had to write for my English Comp class. Yhe Art Appreciation class was a killer as well, trying to remember all those artists, what medium they used and what time period they were from was a challenge. Proud to say I passed both courses with an A. This quarter I’m taking Introduction to Physcology and Creative Writing. The phys class is not too bad, just have to make sure I pay attention because we have a quiz immediately after every class. So far so good. I’m liking this writing class, the professor is springing all these exercises on us. Tues she gave us our first assignment , we had to interview our names. Didn’t matter what format we choose (poetry, short story with dialogue, newspaper interview). That was really a challenge but I got through it. Today’s impropmtu assignment in class was to write a love letter to someone that we disliked. That was interesting. By Monday I need to write a sonnet. I really need this class and I’m happy I was able to squeeze right on in. I had to change my Major from General to English which was fine by me. Oh well, my eyes are heavy and I really need to catch up on some much needed sleep. I’ll be back tomorrow with a much bette update.

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Life Full Speed Ahead

This month has been a busy one. School, redecorating, NaPoWriMo. It’s been a few days I didn’t know if I was coming or going or what I was doing. In the middle of the quarter and I’m doing better than I expected in my Art Appreciation class. We had our second test yesterday, almost aced it, got the extra credit question right so I ended up with 100+, sitting on an A. Need to get this paper written this weekend because this next portion is going to be rough.

This English class consists of a whole lot of reading and writing. We’ve studied 5 short stories and now we’ve moved on to poetry. I found it a little challenging to write a 5 page essay on a 3 page story. Now I have to pick a poem and do a research paper on that. Yeah, that’s going to be fun. Sitting on a ‘C’ right now, got to pull that grade up on the next test.

As far as a poem a day, I started out real strong, but I’m behind a few days. The creative juices have been flowing so I’m grateful for the challenge it brings.

Almost got the house back in order, so that’ll be one less thing I have on my plate then I’ll be able to get back in to the grove of things. It’s passed my bedtime so I’m going to call it a night.

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Still at it ~ Spring Break

Last school quarter took a toll on me mentally. The Algebra 109 professor I had gave me fits, half of my class withdrew from her class. Crazy me decided to hang in there, that was a mistake. One I will not repeat, unlike the Algebra 109 class that I now have to take again. The Criticial Thinking class wasn’t too bad, I aced that course.

This quarter I’m taking English 102 and Art Appreciation. The art class is not exactly what I thought it was but I’m actually enjoying it. Both of my professors are interesting and keep me engaged so that’s a good thing.

On break from classes and work, so I’ve been trying to get some things done around the house and in the yard. The best thing about having all this free time is I’ve been able to get some good workout time in, I’ve been slacking in that area.

So this month is NaPoWriMo, I decided to give it a go and see what I come up with over the next 30 days. Day 1 went pretty well, didn’t struggle, just let it flow.

Guess I’ll get a head start on some of these writing assignments while I have all this free time. My receiver doesn’t want to work so until they get here to fix the problem no television for me. I could pop in a dvd but I see I get much more done when the television is not on.

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The Start of a New Year ~ 13 Jan

Spent some much needed time with my family over the holidays. Visited VA, NY, and NC, even with getting sick twice I would not trade the time spent with my family for anything. Family is everything!

So today was the first day back to school. The Critical Thinking and Character Development course isn’t going to be a problem. However this College Algebra course, or should I say the professor is going to give me a reason for pause. Already she has shown her true colors. She has a lazy style of teaching, and gives you more homework than actual class work. I know this is college and it’s not meant to be easy but damn, can she teach us what we need to know and not tell us to look it up online. I took the classroom course because I do better in a classroom setting.

She gave us 6 homework assignments that are due on Thursday. We have a full class and I can already tell that a bunch of folks will be dropping her class before the week is out. A bunch of the class already let her know how we felt about her teaching, she is definitely rough around the edges and needs to at least act like she wants to be there teaching.

I’m going to stick it out, but she has got to do better. I guess time will tell. Thank goodness I took an easier course with this because I would never see the light of day.

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5 Dec ~ Finals are over!

Whew it’s been one heck of a school qtr, never again will I take an English and Math class at the same time!. Finals were this week and I survived, though there were a few moments when I wasn’t so sure. Scored 88 on my Math final and aced the English final exam. I ended the qtr on a good note passing both of my courses with a GPA of 80.20% (B) in math, and a GPA of 97.19% (A) in English.

Can you say I’m so ready for this long Christmas break. I slept so good last night, my brain definitely needed the rest. I’m going to have to take my notes with me to go over from time-to-time because next qtr doesn’t start until Jan and I’ll be taking College Algebra. I think that’s a really long time in-between courses and I don’t want to forget everything I’ve already learned so far.

For now though I’m going to just relax and focus my attention on writing, something that hopefully won’t stress me out too much.