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Sept 16th ~ Test Day

8:30 ~ Good morning, up showered and ready to get this day started. Things are almost back to some sort of normalcy around the house; almost. Making some breakfast and washing up a few dishes is first on the list, afterwards I’ll finish getting dressed and then sit down and go over some more problems to make sure I’m ready for this test on “Factoring” and all it’s many different combinations.

10:30 ~ I think I’ve got this chapter of Factoring down; going to head on out early so I can get comfortable in my seat sort to speak.

5pm ~ Today was a good day; I think I did rather well on the test, there was only one that had me stumped for a minute. I had to call the teacher over and see if he could explain it. It was one of the easiest ones on the test but because it was the only one like it, it threw me. After talking to a couple of other folks it threw them as well. After the break the teacher didn’t sound too pleased with what he saw; I’m feeling good about mine so I’m hoping I wasn’t part of his let down. 1 more test next Tues and then finals on Thurs. I’m doing everything possible to stay ahead of the game.

Need to knock out this essay for my Per 101 class that I keep putting off, and take the Final Exam. Got another hr of tutoring accounted for while I did my homework and some extra credit problems. I’m sitting on 9hrs, only needed 8 for the extra 100% test cushion, I’m sure I’ll be adding some more hrs to that even though they won’t really count for anything.

My stomach is growling, need to feed the beast and then relax a bit before I put the finishing touches on the kitchen.

9pm checked  my test score, received a 94%, still holding on to that B average. I can sleep good tonight.



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